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Our Products

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What inspires my soaps and products? I love the great outdoors. I know it sounds cliched, but it’s true. All of my bars of soap are named after rocks, minerals, and gems. There are so many different varieties of rocks and gems, and they are beautiful.

I’m also inspired by natural, simplistic living. Products with names you can pronounce, no weird filler ingredients, and having these great ingredients in noticeable quantities in my products. Not having a smidgeon of this, a pinch of that. If it’s something good for you and included in my products, it’s going to have a decent amount in it.


Gluten Free

All Deliciously Pure products are gluten free. Ingredients are sourced from gluten free sources, and the preparation area is gluten free.


Handcrafted, Artisan Products

Everything at Deliciously Pure is handcrafted. It isn’t made with premade bases, or in large, non personalized batches. This ensures the quality for my end products, and also means there are slight variations in each bar and batch. There is a beauty in the differences in the batches, and it’s always fun to see the slight variations.

Giving Back

Right now I am researching various charities because I believe that when we are given opportunities in life, we should help to enrich other lives and give opportunities to others. This space will be updated once I figure out which charity or organization aligns with the values of Deliciously Pure.